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Patent Search:

A Search shall be caused on available databases to verify whether the Invention conflicts with any documents available elsewhere; Study your invention product and explore the possibility of patenting the same.

Scope of work:

  • Conducting a world wide search with the help of patent search engines and tools
  • Determine the novelty in your product or improvement in your product from the point of view of the
  • Same being patentable or not
  • Expressing an opinion on the above
  • Submitting a detailed search report to you citing the prior art (conventional knowledge)
  • Suggestions / opinion as to the patentability of your product

Procedure for Patent registration

  • Preparation of Application for Patent Registration and submission of Patent
  • Attending to the proceedings and obtaining Provisional Papers after necessary follow up.
  • Publication in official journal
  • Opposition, if any
  • Examination
  • Acceptance
  • Registration Certificate

Details Required for patent application

  • Title of the invention
  • Detail description of the invention
  • Conventional description if any
  • Drawing and diagram if any
  • Salient features of the invention
  • Advantages of the invention
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